Funding Excellence Solutions

Discover our comprehensive warehouse banking solutions, powered by cutting-edge technology and AI algorithms, designed to streamline operations and maximize profitability.

Reporting Analytics

Our FundIT software offers advanced reporting analytics, providing end-to-end visibility into your funding operation. The reporting feature includes predictive analysis powered by machine learning technology, enabling you to make data-driven decisions. It allows you to track and analyze your warehouse lines throughout the funding lifecycle. Additionally, it offers the capability to export data in Excel or PDF format for further analysis and reporting.


Our FundIT software is powered by advanced AI algorithms. These algorithms automate warehouse banking, provide expert purchase advice, and enable predictive analysis. They are designed to optimize your funding operation, ensuring efficiency and profitability. Furthermore, they offer a seamless integration into your existing systems, enhancing your warehouse line transparency and automated funding processes.

Save Cost​

  • ​Dwell time analytics using AI to help predict when a loan will fund and when an investor will purchase a loan. 
  • Choosing the most economically inexpensive warehouse line by calculating the total estimated cost, including interest carrying costs and funding fees ​  
  • Reducing funders’ time by automating key tasks 
  • Eliminates the need to sort through Warehouse lender’s eligibility matrices and approved take out investor  
  • Receive funding confirmation automatically​  
  • Fed Ref numbers are pushed back to Encompass​  
  • Using API, SFTP, or RPA options to automatically upload loans to fund  

Shipping Made Easy

  • Smart selection of documents required for each loan type​  
  • Automation of submission to warehouse lines​  
  • Tracking Collaterals with a few clicks 

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