Mortgage Industry Veterans Announce Fund IT, New Startup Venture to Automate Warehouse Lending

Press release

San Juan, Puerto Rico: Ava Noack and Aaron Pitterman proudly announce their new venture, Fund IT. 

Fund IT is an innovative startup that’s redefining the way the mortgage industry manages its warehouse banking processes. 

The Fund IT platform, built with AI-powered algorithms, empowers Independent Mortgage Bankers (IMBs) with an automated warehouse lending solution. Noack, Fund IT’s CFO, explains. “Many IMBs still handle their warehouse funding process manually. This process is clunky and time consuming. Fund IT can streamline the entire process, which helps increase efficiency and lets them allocate resources to other areas of the company.”

Fund IT offers several exciting built-in features. The software gives IMBs a way to view capital needs projections in the next 30 to 60 days, eliminate human data errors, and access robust reporting tools that drive data-driven decisions. It also seamlessly integrates with many of the mortgage tools that IMBs currently use, making it simple to implement into the current tech stack. 

Aaron Pitterman, Fund IT Partner, is confident this new option for warehouse lending has a place in the current market. “IMBs are looking for ways to tighten up efficiency and enhance their productivity. Fund IT’s platform tracks fundings, collateral administrations, and purchases. It can also pinpoint cost leakages. These features, coupled with the time-saving automated aspect, help IMBs increase their profit on every warehouse-funded mortgage loan.”

About Fund IT

As a tech startup in the mortgage industry space, Fund IT is aiming to disrupt the warehouse lending process. The company, created by long-time mortgage industry professionals, optimizes every element of an IMB’s warehouse lending process. Its AI-driven automation, robust data analytics opportunities, and forecasting capabilities make it an effective addition to IMB tech stacks. By automating a traditionally manual-heavy process, IMBs can use Fund IT to streamline their processes, increase their company’s productivity, and enjoy higher profits. Visit our website to learn more about this exciting new way to manage your company’s warehouse funding operations.