4 Reasons for Building a Robust Warehouse Lending Allocation Strategy

Warehouse Lending Allocation Strategy

Independent mortgage bankers (IMBs) depend on efficiency and foresight to handle the asteroids that inevitably fly at them. Today’s blog looks into how IMBs can transition from a reactive approach to a proactive strategy in their warehouse lending allocation strategy. The goal? Creating a smoother process, enhanced profitability, better risk management, and improved warehouse lending […]

How Manufacturing Cycle Time Cuts Into IMB Profits (and how to fix it)

Piggy bank with up arrows representing profit.

As we chase business efficiency and maximized profits (and what a struggle it’s been lately!), there’s a critical, often overlooked factor that demands our attention. Manufacturing cycle time.  Today’s blog dives into cycle time and unravels how extended cycle times in loan manufacturing production can escalate operational expenses, augment risks related to interest rate fluctuations, […]

The Modern Approach to Warehouse Lending: Why Automation Is the Next Big Thing for IMBs

Mortgage papers, money, and a calculator.

Just when mortgage pros thought they’d seen it all, home prices and interest rates soared dramatically and inventory dried up. The mortgage market has never been more competitive. With razor-thin margins, Independent Mortgage Bankers (IMBs) find themselves in a position where every loan is important to their profitability.  Missed opportunities or inefficiencies can have a […]

Using Data Analytics to Guide Warehouse Lending Allocation Strategies

Data analytics guides warehouse lending allocation strategies.

In the interest of profitability (and who isn’t interested in that?) mortgage professionals continuously seek solutions that can enhance efficiency and transparency. One of the solutions in the past decade or so has been to reduce manual processes through automation.  Staying ahead of the curve in a competitive industry like mortgage requires innovative approaches. Data […]

Streamlining Warehouse Funding for IMBs with New Automation

Streamlining warehouse funding processes with automation

  For decades, traditional warehouse funding processes have been bottlenecked. However, in recent years, automated processes swept through the industry.  Since efficiency is a vital key to every IMB’s success, automation helps complete tasks faster and streamline processes better. One area where IMBs can significantly boost efficiency is by streamlining warehouse funding. Traditionally, this process […]

5 Ways to Make Your IMB’s Warehouse Lending Process More Cost-Effective

Improving warehouse lending process can increase efficiency.

Independent mortgage bank (IMB) leaders know the devil (and the profitability) is in the details.  Being able to serve customers effectively, adhere to all the regulations, and stay competitive in the industry is a challenging feat.  Another pivotal element for sustained success is managing the warehouse lending process efficiently. Finding new, innovative ways of making […]

Mortgage Industry Veterans Announce Fund IT, New Startup Venture to Automate Warehouse Lending

Press release

San Juan, Puerto Rico: Ava Noack and Aaron Pitterman proudly announce their new venture, Fund IT.  Fund IT is an innovative startup that’s redefining the way the mortgage industry manages its warehouse banking processes.  The Fund IT platform, built with AI-powered algorithms, empowers Independent Mortgage Bankers (IMBs) with an automated warehouse lending solution. Noack, Fund […]

We know change can be scary! 👻

And, we all know, us mortgage pros have more than our fair share of it! 😣 However… Saving money sounds good, right? 🤩 Saving time sounds good, right? 🤩 Making more money on each loan sounds good, right? 💰 🤩 Then… It’s time to disrupt your warehouse lending process! Automation can: Streamline the process. ✔ […]

Does your IMB have big growth plans?

📈 Does your IMB have big growth plans? Savvy leaders know what got you HERE won’t get you THERE! 🐢 Putting up with slow, manual, repetitive processes won’t drive your growth. 🗝 Increasing efficiencies, reducing costs, and driving productivity are the keys to success when it comes to scaling your business. Integrating automation into your […]