Automate your warehouse banking

FundIT is a warehouse banking solution that provides automation, AI-powered algorithms, and advanced reporting to provide efficiencies and tri-party transparency to boost your profitability.


The most efficient way to save money Fundit software services allow you to integrate advanced software technology solutions into your funding operation.

Warehouse Line Transparency

See all the details of your warehouse lines throughout the funding lifecycle.

Automated Warehouse Funding

Direct connection to your warehouse banks with automated funding.

Purchase Advice

Expert purchase advice algorithms that produce efficient results.

Advanced Reporting

End-to-end reporting including predictive analysis powered by machine learning technology.



Enhancement of FundIT Database with Integration of Over 200 Encompass Fields.

Warehouse Connection

Seamless Connectivity Options for Warehouse Lenders through SFTP, API, and RPA Integration Capabilities.


Customizable for loan programs, loan criteria, loan views, lender specifics and investor specifics.

Error Validation

The validation process ensures that loans ready for funding undergo a thorough examination to identify and rectify any input errors..


Incorporating AI-Powered Analytics to Optimize Dwell Time Analysis and Improve Operational Efficiency.

Cost Optimization

Choosing Between Least Cost and Least Cash Invested: Warehouse cost per loan, Warehouse interest cost, User’s cost of funds

Let's redefine warehouse management for
your future success.

Partner with FUND IT today and unlock the true potential of your warehouse operations. Let us be your trusted ally in achieving operational excellence, financial empowerment, and sustainable growth.